The Wright Brothers
Those Daring Young Men & Their Flying Machine!

A Musical Play to Inspire You to Achieve Your Dreams Against Impossible Odds

Book by Sterling Swann        Music & Lyrics by Larry Siegel

 Wright Brothers Performance & Touring History 

"This musical takes off in its first moments and continues to soar!"

Emma Laurence
Department of Theatre, Dance and Film Studies
The Horace Mann School, New York City

"We presented the Wright Brothers as a school time matinee and it sold out immediately. The cast was fun and easy to work with, and the comments from the schools were excellent."

Joe Konrad
Executive Director
Schauer Arts Center, Hartford, WI

"The Wright Brothers provided a wonderful stage depiction of aviation history.
The production effectively channels the personas of Orville and Wilbur Wright in a musical format both entertaining and factually accurate. Fresh Brewed Productions' original script meets curricular objectives as evidenced by our two school presentations nearly filled to capacity. I would recommend this production for similar presenter school series."

Thomas J. Robbins
Executive Director, Heritage Center
University of Dubuque

"I loved the music, and the talent was fantastic!   Great voices, wonderful acting by all"
"The talk-back with the cast was superlative!   It was intimate, informative and inspiring!
I would recommend it to other presenters if time and conditions allow."

Mary Katz
Director of Education
The Carson Center, Paducah, KY

"Oklahoma has a rich heritage in aviation (Will Rogers & Wiley Post)
and our members showed a real interest in the story of The Wright Brothers..."
" our Midwest City Library, there were two young homeschooled boys
who told the cast they were related to the Wright Brothers..."

LaVetta Dent
Oklahoma City
Metropolitan Library System

"According to the survey that was provided to the schools, students learned several
interesting facts about aviation that they did not know prior to the performance..."
"Both teachers and students enjoyed the Q & A session, and getting
the chance to interact with the actors on stage.
Students were able to see history come alive before their eyes
and seemed to be very engaged and interested in the story that was being told."

Alex Routen
Education Coordinator
The Carson Center, Paducah, KY

"Just wanted to let you know that several folks called me today
to say how much they enjoyed the performance yesterday. We loved it as well"

Lisa Gage
Hue Entertainment, LLC
Yardley, PA

(Those Daring Young Men & Their Flying Machine!)

A true "STEM" show - portraying one of America's earliest successes in combining Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

* A highly engaging musical story with great songs and top notch performers.

* Recommended for 2nd grade and up as well as family audiences of all ages. (Seniors love it too!)

* Running Time is one hour (can be adjusted)

* Themes and take-away messages of THE WRIGHT BROTHERS:
  - Encourages perseverance   - never giving up on your dreams.
  - The value of out-of-the-box, inventive thinking.
  - Teamwork, brotherhood and loyalty.

* Extensive Study Guide (both teacher and student edition) linking the history and science to the story, is available
on the Wright Brothers page at

* Original cast recordings of the entire score are available to share with schools and family audiences to help promote the show.

* Marketing/Funding tie-in opportunities with local airports, museums, USAF, and other organizations. (We're happy to brainstorm with you)

* Cast is able to offer workshops on History of Flight, Theatre, Music & Composition, etc. Contact us about customizing a workshop for you.

* Participation before, during and after the show can be facilitated by including activities, contests and post-show, onstage interactive presentations.

Plot synopsis with songs - Click on song titles to hear each song as it appears in the show

Curtain Music

The scene opens in 1896 at the Dayton, Ohio bicycle shop of Orville and Wilbur Wright.
As usual, instead of fixing bikes they are working on new, unheard of inventions.

Another Wright Brother Machine

After reading about inventors in Europe working on the development of human flight,
they start to think about the possibilities, despite the dangers involved.
Their sister Katharine thinks they already spend too much time on crazy inventions and not
enough on making the bicycle business a success.

Pay Attention To Me

Wilbur then shares with her his most secret dream of being able to bring the possibility of a flying machine into reality.
The dream of flying.


Meanwhile, their cranky neighbor, Mrs. Weatherby, comes by to pick up the bicycle she left for repair months before.
Orville is a little intimidated by her and tries to make up every excuse possible with no success.

Mrs. Weatherby

Katherine, pondering how women in her era are regarded, begins to understand that even though her brothers are brilliant, they absolutely need her help and sharp intellect to get organized and succeed.

Katherine's Retort

The three of them decide that it is indeed their destiny to make this dream real and Wilbur and Orville begin in earnest to build a machine that can fly.
Starting with gliders they take their dreams and equipment to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. After some success, but a lot more failure,
they return to Dayton feeling despondent and at the end of their road. Fortunately, a respected French/American scientist and friend,
Octave Chanute steps in to lift their spirits.

Back To The Drawing Board

Back in North Carolina they are finally ready for their historic, first flight. Who will win the coin toss to be the very first human to
experience sustained, powered flight?

Find out the answer, and witness the historic flight itself in this Wright Brothers musical guaranteed to send your imagination soaring!


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Wilbur & Orville

Wilbur & Katherine

Wilbur & Orville with Octave Chanute

Full Cast Finale

Finale with Kitty Hawk Banner

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